Members' Services

Services for DIJuF members include the following:

  • Free legal advice on questions arising out of the youth welfare offices' work.
    The DIJuF offers free written and telephone based legal advice on issues arising in connection to the work of youth welfare offices, which is provided by experts with in-depth academic knowledge and practical experience.
    The written legal advice given takes the form of a legal opinion and not legal representation.
    The DIJuF's unbiased legal opinions (so called „DIJuF-Rechtsgutachten”) are designed to assist in ensuring consistency in the youth welfare offices' application of the law as well as increase legal certainty. The monthly professional journal „DAS JUGENDAMT” („The youth welfare office”) publishes a selection of the DIJuF's legal opinions.
    In addition, the DIJuF offers advice and support to the youth welfare offices during legal proceedings. This includes assistance in the drafting of written pleadings, preliminary assessments of the chances of success as well as tactical advice on the appropriate course of action during legal proceedings.
  • Advice and support for youth welfare offices in legal procedings. Assistance in enforcing child maintenance claims against parents living in foreign jurisdictions.

  • A wide ranging program of qualification and training events for youth welfare professionals.
    The DIJuF offers a varied programme of conferences and seminars designed to provide additional qualifications for the youth welfare service personnel. It addresses current problems in youth welfare and family law by conducting national conferences of experts. Further professional training for youth welfare service personnel can also be provided.
    The DIJuF regularly offers professional training for youth welfare personnel in the areas of certification law, advance child maintenance payment law and legal guardianship. It also provides annual regional conferences on child maintenance and the enforcement of child maintenance for the responsible staff in the Youth Welfare Offices. On a limited scale the DIJuF can also provide experts for in-house training.

  • The legal journal „DAS JUGENDAMT” („THE YOUTH WELFARE OFFICE”) as well as other publications, which offer information on current debates and legal issues.
    The DIJuF's publications document and provide information about current topics and legal issues in family law and youth welfare. The DIJuF publishes the monthly journal „DAS JUGENDAMT” („The youth welfare office”). With its professional essays, publication of the DIJuF's legal opinions and comments, „DAS JUGENDAMT” journal is an essential communication medium and provides orientation in the everyday practice of youth welfare offices.
    In addition, the DIJuF publishes brochures and books on family law and youth welfare.

To contact staff members of the DIJuF office in Heidelberg please visit Geschäftsstelle on the German version of our Website.


Legal advice/legal framework/research

The DIJuF offers its members free written and telephone advice on all legal issues that arise in youth welfare offices.

More information

Realization of Maintenance

The DIJuF helps its members with the cross-border assertion and enforcement of child maintenance claims.